Asked Questions

How does Performance Protocol improve officer retention and recruitment?

Performance Protocol provides personalized coaching to address the unique needs of each officer, improving satisfaction, performance, and resilience. Agencies using our coaching platform have seen a 76% decrease in retention in three months. By fostering a positive work culture, agencies become more attractive to prospective officers and retain existing officers more effectively.

What results can agencies expect from implementing Performance Protocol?

Agencies using Performance Protocol have reported a 45% average improvement in key health metrics for their officers within the first six months. 90% of officers who received Precision Health Reports gained new insights into their health, leading to positive lifestyle changes and better overall well-being. This information is crucial for any Law Enforcement agency looking to vastly optimize the performance of their officers. To learn more about what you can expect, check out our customer testimonial page to see the true impact we’ve had in the law enforcement community.

Is Performance Protocol cost-effective for agencies with limited budgets?

Yes, our coaching platform offers a cost-effective solution and a flexible credit model to ensure your agency only pays for the sessions your officers actually use, making it an affordable option for agencies of all sizes. Most agencies will see this program pay for itself within the first year.

How does Performance Protocol maintain privacy and confidentiality for officers?

All coaching sessions are conducted with the utmost discretion, allowing officers to feel comfortable sharing their concerns and experiences. Each coach is sworn to confidentiality. Performance Protocol ensures complete privacy and confidentiality for all officers enrolled in our program.

How does Performance Protocol ensure the quality of its coaches?

Our coaches undergo a rigorous screening process, including extensive interviews, background checks, and a comprehensive training course created by former FBI National Academy Instructors. This ensures that we work with the best coaches in the world, providing the highest quality coaching experience for your officers. Check out our step-by-step overview of our coach selection process.

Can Performance Protocol be customized to fit the unique needs of my agency?

Yes, Performance Protocol is 100% customizable to you and your agency's needs, goals, and desires. We will work closely with your agency to develop a tailored program that addresses your specific challenges and objectives. To hear more about how we customize our program to fit your needs, book a call with one of our Sales Representatives.

What is the Precision Health Reports feature and how does it benefit officers?

Precision Health Reports provide in-depth cardiometabolic risk assessments, enabling officers to proactively address their health concerns. With a 45% average improvement in key health metrics within the first 6 months of receiving the report, and 90% of officers gaining new health insights, this feature supports better overall well-being and peak job performance.

How does Performance Protocol support the professional development of officers at all ranks?

Our coaching programs, designed for officers at every level, have successfully increased overall life happiness by 23% and increased job satisfaction by 24%. By encouraging continuous growth, learning, and adaptability, officers of all ranks become more effective and confident in their abilities to handle evolving situations and challenges.

How do Performance Protocol's coaching programs address officer stress and burnout?

Performance Protocol focuses on fostering resilience and a healthy mindset among officers. Through regular coaching sessions, officers can proactively address stress and burnout, resulting in a 21% reduction in stress-related incidents in only 3 months and improved mental health and job satisfaction.