Performance Protocol

Recruit, Develop, & Retain The Next Generation of Officers

Build a culture of purpose, attract top talent, and put each officer in the right headspace to better serve your department and community.

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Join 30+ agencies who saw incredible results in less than 3 months.

A New Paradigm in Policing

35+Enrolled Agencies
1500+ Total coaching sessions
300+ Total coaches
Operating in 12 states
Collective Experience of Our Coaches: 1000+ yrs
78% Reduction in intention to quit
‶You're retooling your personnel to be able to succeed and accomplish any challenges that [officers] may face.″
Chief Kenny Kavannaugh
‶It just made perfect sense to me that this is the opportunity that we need in public safety″
Chief Patrick Flannelly (RET)
‶Being able to reach out to someone who understands not only your environment and your situation, but what your reality is, that’s huge″
Deputy Chief Scott Oldham
‶If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t be progressing in such a great manner like I feel like I’m doing for myself″
Officer Erin Vaden
‶You’re basically getting the cheat codes to Law Enforcement″
Officer Nathan StoneKing
‶It definitely helped prepare me. I was getting ready to test for our tactical team, and I did far better than expected″
Officer Jordan Shaba
This is the type of training that officers need from day 1.
Chief Troy Harris

The Performance Protocol Experience


Transform your agency's culture in months, not years

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and it all starts with our people. Tap into the positive, transformative power of coaching. Attracting new talent, unleashing the full potential of your people, and improving community trust is not just possible, they're well within reach.


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin

Law Enforcement is great at teaching, training, and instruction.

But true mastery comes from doing!

Giving officers and outlet to discover, internalize, and take ownership of the “why” is paramount to personal and professional development.


Retention is the byproduct of culture, an understanding of purpose, and wellbeing.

Even Millennials and Gen Z want careers. Long term ones.

But regardless of age, people still enter the profession for all the right reasons; honor, valor, and service to something greater than themselves.

But somewhere along the way, if an agency is not careful, the officer becomes disenfranchised, disgruntled, and quits.

However, any agency which implements an outlet for its people to develop personally and professionally will eventually build an organization of loyal, committed, and happy employees.

Who We Serve


Build and retain top talent by aligning your officers, teams, and objectives in one platform.


Enhance your law enforcement career & personal life with performance coaches, resources and communities.

Develop your skills


Engage and connect with a fellow LE officer and impact their future; Drive the mission forward, one person at a time

Advance the mission